C & C++

C & C++


           C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                                                                   Course Duration: 30 Hours   


1.Getting Started (Intro)
2.Functions and Operators
3.Control Flow Constructs
4.The C Preprocessor
5.Simple I/O
6.More On Functions
7.Bit Manipulation
9.Higher Dimensional Arrays


10.Separate Compilation
11.Pointers (Part I)
12.Pointers (Part II)
14.Structure Related Items
15.File I/O
16.Information About Files
17.Binary I/O With Structures
18.Useful Library Functions


          C++ PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                                                                  Course Duration: 45 Hours

1.Introduction to C++

2.Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

3.The Basics of C++
4.Working with Operators and Expressions
5.Controlling the Program Flow
6.Using Functions/Procedures

7.Pointers and Arrays
8.Binding data and functions
9.Function and Operator Overloading
10.Reusing classes
11.Virtual functions and Polymorphism
12.emplates, Exception Handling


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