Product Design Course in Patna for Mechanical Engineers

Posted 10/2/2018

What is Product Design?

Many mechanical engineers work in product design, although their title is perhaps 'product designer' or 'product engineer'. However, the nature of their job is to combine their knowledge of engineering and design to create functional and marketable products.

Product Design Course for Mechanical Engineers

This course is focused on the product design space and will help students design engineering ideas, transform their ideas into CAD models, using best industry practices, validating their models using CAE tools and design for manufacturing. Thus it takes the participants through the entire lifecycle of the product from conception to execution.


It is a course open for mechanical engineering professionals and students of degree or master courses.


What is a product design Engineer Roles?

As a member of a fast-paced multi-disciplinary team, you use your creativity and diverse range of engineering experience to explore solutions to a variety of engineering problemsAs a mechanical engineer, you participate in the design, analysis, and prototyping of new concepts. You work in a manufacturing and product oriented development environment and collaborate with vendors and outside sources in order to see parts through to manufacture.

As a Product Design Engineer you will help to reinvent the shape of electronics: balancing comfort, performance, and appearance. You will work on a team that balances these in an innovative and harmonious design that complements and enables the technology. You are comfortable working on the borders of risk, actively communicating among a team to establish a design direction, creating prototypes that demonstrate it, and working to scale that prototype.

Key Responsibilities of a Product Design Engineer

  • Manage the subsystem and/or individual part designs from concept to production.
  • Oversee supplier/partners of subsystems and/or individual part design from concept to production.
  • Investigate because design issues to improve designs with the goal of successfully deliver products to mass production.
  • Design for function, reliability, human factors, manufacturability, and cosmetic requirements.


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Structural Design Course Information

Posted 1/7/2018

Structural Design


Structural Design is the science of ensuring stability, strength, and rigidity of structures so that resist all applied loads without failure. This discipline is concerned with designing a physical structure in such a way that the load-bearing members (such as beams and columns in the case of a building) of the structure support each other in sharing the load or stress 

Structural Design is a part of civil engineering. A great deal of what structural designers do involves designing structures such as buildings, bridges, and tunnels. The primary tasks of a structural designer include: Analyzing configurations of the basic structural components; calculating the pressures, stresses, and strains that each component is likely to experience; considering the strength of various materials, e.g. concrete, steel, and brick to be used to create the structures; making drawings, specifications and computer models of structures for building contractors and using GENCOR CAD.


Structural engineers are employed in many infrastructure companies. They act as consultants for architects and civil engineers.


 The Role of GENCOR CAD

Structural Designers use GENCOR CAD to produce drawings of structures for buildings to bridges. Using GENCOR CAD, they create complex drawings and 2D and 3D renderings of structural components, including framework, foundations, roofs and retaining walls.

GENCOR CAD helps designers outline designs, gather data, perform graphic imaging, draw sketches of existing structures and interpret structural markups. The software also helps them perform computations, administrative tasks, documentation and generate project reports.


Structural Design GENCOR CAD Software Courses


GENCOR CAD Centre offers certificate courses in the modules of the following GENCOR CAD software concerning structural design and engineering:




Students pursuing diploma or degree courses in Civil engineering or masters in Structural engineering can benefit from these courses. To know more, Visit Our Campus.


 Job Titles

Upon completion of these courses, students can apply for the jobs of Structural Design Engineer / Structural Engineer / Structural Designer / Structural Detailer / RCC Detailer / Structural Steel Detailer.


 Entry-level Salary

Upto Rs 3 lakh per year.



Diploma, Professional, and Master Diploma Courses


Structural designing is a highly specialized field with diversified applications. The domain seeks expertise in different GENCOR CAD design and Project Management tools. At GENCOR CAD Centre, we offer high-end courses that teach students software and concepts that they require to reach their professional goals. Our courses include:


 Master Diploma in Structural Design

This course is focused on the structural design space and will help participants with expertise required to carry out specific tasks of structural design analysis, structural detailing and project management. Participants are equipped with appropriate tools enabling them to explore design and other prerequisites of structural design.


 Professional in Structural Design

The professional courses provide the students comprehensive combination of software tools and project management concepts. The combination of tools widens the career options available to students and professionals in the field of structural analysis, design and detailing.


 Diploma in Structural Design

The diploma program in structural design equips the participants with the tools required to carry out tasks of structural design. It also prepares participants to handle all the essential facets of structural analysis and design.



Students pursuing a diploma or degree in Civil engineering or Masters in structural engineering can enroll in these courses. To know more please download the course summary.


 Job Titles

Structural engineers are employed in many infrastructure companies. They act as consultants for architects and civil engineers. Upon completion of the course, students can apply for the jobs of Structural Project Engineer / Senior Structural Engineer.


 Entry-level Salary

Upto Rs 5 lakh per year.


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CAD For Mechanical Branch

Posted 9/28/2016

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is a broad engineering discipline at the intersection of engineering, physics, and material science.



Mechanical Engineering



Mechanical engineers design, analyse and help manufacture mechanical tools, engines, and machines. They are employed in almost all manufacturing sectors including Heavy machineries, ship building, aerospace, automobile. They are also employedin engineering services and product design companies. They, carry out a wide range of design and analysis activities, in the product development lifecycle. Their key tasks include: Concept Sketching, 2D Design & Drafting, 3D Modeling, Prototyping, and Performance & Safety Analysis.



Mechanical Engineering o1



Mechanical Hamlet


Mechanical engineers who have CAD skills are employed in many manufacturing industries including automobiles, aeronautical, engineering, heavy industries, locomotives, and marine.



The Role Of CAD

Learning CAD software is important because almost all of these jobs (and more) are performed with sophisticated CAD software that guarantees speed, accuracy, and reuse of work. With CAD skills, mechanical engineers can find employment and increase productivity.



          These are 60-hour certificate programmes. Students pursuing diploma and degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering can enroll in these basic CAD programmes. For more details, please contact your nearest GenCor CAD centre.

Job TitlesJob Titles

Upon completion of the course, students can apply for the job of Draftsman / Engineer / Analyst / Product Designer / Product Engineer

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Summer Training for Civil Engineers

Posted 5/2/2016

As every engineering pursuing student has to accomplish technical training on software in their relevant domain. Gencor offers such industrial training on AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Staadpro. Learn one month or six week practical based software training in civil cad.

Civil engineering student can opt for designing software training on CAD. Structural designing is a vital part of any civil construction. On the basis of this training undergone during summer college break you are helped by your college to find best job. Your placement cell in college advice you to do most industry demanding course.

Civil Software Training on CAD in Patna:

GenCor provides Civil engineering CAD courses to engineering graduates. Almost every week a new batchof cad is formed.One has to get enrolled prior to start their training.


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Posted 3/12/2016


Courses offered by GenCor CAD Centre in Civil Engineering:


AutoCAD master is a 2 months specialize course that mutate an individual into AutoCAD expert. In this course students will grasp advance features and techniques like accurate drawings setup, geometry creation, printing and plotting functions, 3D modeling and imaging, Customizations and integrations, etc.



AutoCAD Civil 3D is a 2 months civil engineering software works on Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool which allows the engineers to evaluate what-if scenarios at much earlier stage in the designing process. Also with the help of this software engineers can get transportation, development of land, and environmental projects done faster and more efficiently.

AutoCAD Civil 3D program enables the civil engineers to

- Elevate the project performance with geospatial scrutiny in order to identify the best project sites
- Storm water analysis for sustainable designs
- Quantity ascent and magnetic earthwork calculations to enhance material usage, and
- 3D visualizations for sophisticated project impacts on the environment.

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Posted 3/12/2016


CAD Training Institute is one of the illustrious Institutes offering allied professional courses in AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Max, catia - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Architecture. The institute specializes in creating 2D drafting in AutoCAD, 3D elevations in Revit, creating 2 dimensional or/and 3 dimensional modeling in 3Ds Max, advanced lightings in VRay, texturing, rendering and so on. The institute comprises of a team of AutoCAD professionals as faculty members with academic excellence and rich in AutoCAD, Revit, and 3d Max experiences. Our institute is famous for delivering its commendable assistance in shaping the career progression for its AutoCAD and Revit students to the best of their capabilities with high focus on imparting practical sessions along with project portfolios for each individual student.The institute is one of its own kinds that undertake the responsibility from fully professional training to the job assistance of the candidates.

Welcome to CAD Training Institute

CAD training institute is one of India's premier CAD training institutes of CAD training solutions in Engineering & Design Industry situated in East Patna. CAD training institute is an CAD education partner of a pioneer institute in Patna. CAD Training Institute is providing several short-term and long term CAD related certificate & diploma courses like AutoCAD, Revit, MEP, Structure, Architecture, 3D Max etc for Architecture, Interior, Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering students & professionals.

Our all CAD courses' curriculum like AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Max, Catia is crafted by CAD professionals as per industry norms. Our team's specialization of CAD motivates them to share their knowledge with the future generations of CAD engineering and CAD designing. We are passionate about conducting CAD related classes that enhances the quality of building designing, space planning, civil engineering, mechanical engineering etc.




Training in all the CAD courses is imparted by hard core cad industry professionals having experience of more than 5 years in their respective field. CAD Training Institute is well acclaimed for its professional excellence and quality training in the CAD engineering industry among all the other AutoCAD Training Institutes. The course curriculum for AutoCAD, catia and various other courses has been defined in a way so as to cover all the theoretical aspects along with technological upgradation taking place in the field of CAD. Our CAD specialists highly focus on the use of trade standard products and the products currently being used in the business like AutoCAD, catia, 3d Max, VRay etc.


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Auto Cad Industrial Training for Engineering Graduates

Posted 3/8/2016




[Duration: 6 Weeks]


Brief Syllabus :


Autocad 2013 2D


1. Getting Started with AutoCAD

Starting AutoCAD, AutoCAD's User Interface, Working with Commands, AutoCAD's  Cartesian Workspace, Opening an Existing Drawing File, Viewing Your Work, Saving Your Work. 

2. Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

Drawing Lines, Erasing Objects, Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking, Drawing Rectangles, Drawing Circles, Undo and Redo Actions. 

3. Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

Using Running Object Snaps, Using Object Snap Overrides, Polar Tracking at Angles, Object Snap Tracking. 

4. Making Changes in Your Drawing

Selecting Objects for Editing, Moving Objects, Copying Objects, Rotating Objects, Scaling Objects, Mirroring Objects, Editing with Grips. 

5. Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

Creating New Drawings With Templates, What are Layers?, Layer States, Changing an Object's Layer. 

6. Advanced Object Types

Drawing Arcs, Drawing Polylines, Editing Polylines, Drawing Polygons, Drawing Ellipses. 

7. Getting Information from Your Drawing

Working with Object Properties, Measuring Objects. 

8. Advanced Editing Commands

Trimming and Extending Objects, Stretching Objects, Creating Fillets and Chamfers, Offsetting Objects, Creating Arrays of Objects. 

9. Inserting Blocks

What are Blocks?, Inserting Blocks, Working with Dynamic Blocks, Inserting Blocks with Design Center, Inserting Blocks with Content Explorer. 

10. Setting Up a Layout

Printing Concepts, Working in Layouts, Copying Layouts, Creating Viewports, Guidelines for Layouts. 

11. Printing Your Drawing

Printing Layouts, Printing from the Model Tab. 

12. Text

Working with Annotations, Adding Text in a Drawing, Modifying Multiline Text, Formatting Multiline Text, Adding Notes with Leaders to Your  rawing, Creating Tables, Modifying Tables. 

13. Hatching

Hatching, Editing Hatches 

14. Adding Dimensions

Dimensioning Concepts, Adding Linear Dimensions, Adding Radial and Angular Dimensions, Editing, Dimensions. 

15. Working Effectively with AutoCAD

Creating a Custom Workspace, Using the Keyboard Effectively, Object Creation, Selection and Visibility, Working in Multiple Drawings, Copying and Pasting Between Drawings, Using Grips Effectively. Additional Layer Tools. 

16. Accurate Positioning

Coordinate Entry, Locating Points with Tracking, Construction Lines, Placing Reference Points. 

17. Parametric Drawing

Working with Constraints, Geometric Constraints, Dimensional Constraints. 

Autocad 2013 3D


18. Working with Blocks

Creating Blocks, Editing Blocks, Removing Unused Elements, Adding Blocks to Tool Palettes, Modifying Tool Properties in Tool Palettes. 

19. Creating Templates

Why Use Templates, Controlling s Display, Creating New Layers, Adding Standard Layouts to Templates, Saving Templates. 

20. Annotation Styles

Creating Text Styles, Creating Dimension Styles, Creating Multileader Styles. 

21. Advanced Layouts

Quick View Layouts, Creating and Using Named Views, Advanced Viewport Options, Layer Overrides in Viewports, Additional Annotative Scale Features. 

22. External References

Attaching External References, Modifying External References, XRef Specific Information

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Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User Exam

Posted 1/14/2016

Is your goal to create stunning designs with CAD software? Are you ready to turbocharge your Autodesk AutoCAD® design and documentation skills and prove your proficiency?

Take your career to the next level by becoming an Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User. Whether you're a student or a professional, this software certification will validate your skills, meet academic and industry requirements, and advance your design career.

As Autodesk's exclusive provider for the Certified User program, Certiport makes Autodesk AutoCAD® certification easier with a unique three-step pathway:

  1. LEARN (or review) how to use Autodesk AutoCAD® with content-rich textbooks, online courseware, video resources, and more.
  2. PRACTICE by using interactive exam-preparation tools and practice exams. Build the confidence you need to take the Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User Exam.
  3. CERTIFY and validate your skills by passing the exam and receiving your official certificate.

We've designed the Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User program for those who are relatively new to the software and want to prove their basic proficiency. For advanced users, higher Associate and Professional certifications are available.

The Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User Exam includes multiple-choice and performance-based questions. Following are some examples of software aspects covered in the exam:

  • Creating, organizing, annotating, and plotting drawings
  • Manipulating, altering, and hatching objects
  • Working with layouts
  • Dimensioning
  • Working with reusable content
  • Creating additional drawing objects

Before you take the Certified User exam, we recommend that you complete a 3D design course at a secondary institution and get 50 hours of hands-on experience with Autodesk AutoCAD® (a free student version is available).

For information about available resources to help you learn, practice, and certify, contact Certiport's Customer Service Support Center. For details about exam skills and objectives, view our Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User Skills documentation.

Get Started Today

As an Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User, you'll enjoy several career-boosting benefits:

  • Prove your skill level with an official, industry-standard credential recognized by schools and employers
  • Display the Autodesk Certified logo and your certificate
  • Include your name in the database of Autodesk Certified professionals

Ready to become an Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User? Get started here. Or contact your nearest Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Support Center.

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Why AutoCAD Institute in Patna for Summer Training

Posted 1/5/2016
Summer vacation is at your door and yet you haven’t decided what to do during that period. Don’t think much about that. Think that you can have both entertainment and learning in your vacation. If you are of engineering or IT background or you are interested in AutoCAD, you will be benefited a lot from this write up. 
Select Patna as your destination for vacation and training in summer. Yes, it can be hard to enjoy your summer vacation in Patna as the city atmosphere becomes unbearable during the months of May and June. If you remove your mind from hot condition, you can have wonderful experience for your summer training Patna
There is no need to mention something about Patna as it is the center for each & every activity including business, study, entertainment, tourism, etc. The city has several archeological buildings , parks, amusement parks, zoo, etc. that can be the destinations for spending the time during your summer training in Patna  after the classes. It means taking admission in a course in the summer vacation gives you both enjoyment and the opportunity to know Patna closely. 

In order to experience both enjoyment and learning, select an AutoCAD Training Institutein Patna. Getting admission in an AutoCAD institute like GenCor CAD Center would be a great decision. The institute has brought several short term CAD courses for summer training. Identify your interest area like civil, mechanical, electrical, interior design, etc and select one for you in order to give an ad to your Resume.

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Top AutoCAD Training

Posted 1/4/2016

Top AutoCAD Training

Searching for top Auto CAD training center in Patna, India?

If Yes, Then GenCor is a CAD learning solutions in all engineering branches like Civil, Mechanical, and Architectural as well as electrical. Batch for CAD starts almost every week. Candidate aspiring to learn CAD visit GenCor campus get registered for particular batch and can start their learning.

Every students get auto cad training completion certificate and also training latter from GenCor for submission in their respective colleges. For seeking any fee discount in auto cad course you must have to submit your college ID card photocopy and have to show ID in original to center officials.

What you learn in Auto cad ?

AutoCAD software by Autodesk Inc. America is common software for every engineering branch for designing with precision and accuracy. AutoCAD is cad software which let user to draw their engineering drawing with the help of computer. So any one joining cad class in GenCor cad center learn 2D as well as 3D drawing with project in their respective branches.

AutoCAD software with 3 years students subscriptions is available free of cost to all students of AutoCAD. You get AutoCAD software DVD by institute.


To know more Visit on


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