Auto Cad Industrial Training for Engineering Graduates

Auto Cad Industrial Training for Engineering Graduates

Posted 3/8/2016




[Duration: 6 Weeks]


Brief Syllabus :


Autocad 2013 2D


1. Getting Started with AutoCAD

Starting AutoCAD, AutoCAD's User Interface, Working with Commands, AutoCAD's  Cartesian Workspace, Opening an Existing Drawing File, Viewing Your Work, Saving Your Work. 

2. Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

Drawing Lines, Erasing Objects, Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking, Drawing Rectangles, Drawing Circles, Undo and Redo Actions. 

3. Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

Using Running Object Snaps, Using Object Snap Overrides, Polar Tracking at Angles, Object Snap Tracking. 

4. Making Changes in Your Drawing

Selecting Objects for Editing, Moving Objects, Copying Objects, Rotating Objects, Scaling Objects, Mirroring Objects, Editing with Grips. 

5. Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

Creating New Drawings With Templates, What are Layers?, Layer States, Changing an Object's Layer. 

6. Advanced Object Types

Drawing Arcs, Drawing Polylines, Editing Polylines, Drawing Polygons, Drawing Ellipses. 

7. Getting Information from Your Drawing

Working with Object Properties, Measuring Objects. 

8. Advanced Editing Commands

Trimming and Extending Objects, Stretching Objects, Creating Fillets and Chamfers, Offsetting Objects, Creating Arrays of Objects. 

9. Inserting Blocks

What are Blocks?, Inserting Blocks, Working with Dynamic Blocks, Inserting Blocks with Design Center, Inserting Blocks with Content Explorer. 

10. Setting Up a Layout

Printing Concepts, Working in Layouts, Copying Layouts, Creating Viewports, Guidelines for Layouts. 

11. Printing Your Drawing

Printing Layouts, Printing from the Model Tab. 

12. Text

Working with Annotations, Adding Text in a Drawing, Modifying Multiline Text, Formatting Multiline Text, Adding Notes with Leaders to Your  rawing, Creating Tables, Modifying Tables. 

13. Hatching

Hatching, Editing Hatches 

14. Adding Dimensions

Dimensioning Concepts, Adding Linear Dimensions, Adding Radial and Angular Dimensions, Editing, Dimensions. 

15. Working Effectively with AutoCAD

Creating a Custom Workspace, Using the Keyboard Effectively, Object Creation, Selection and Visibility, Working in Multiple Drawings, Copying and Pasting Between Drawings, Using Grips Effectively. Additional Layer Tools. 

16. Accurate Positioning

Coordinate Entry, Locating Points with Tracking, Construction Lines, Placing Reference Points. 

17. Parametric Drawing

Working with Constraints, Geometric Constraints, Dimensional Constraints. 

Autocad 2013 3D


18. Working with Blocks

Creating Blocks, Editing Blocks, Removing Unused Elements, Adding Blocks to Tool Palettes, Modifying Tool Properties in Tool Palettes. 

19. Creating Templates

Why Use Templates, Controlling s Display, Creating New Layers, Adding Standard Layouts to Templates, Saving Templates. 

20. Annotation Styles

Creating Text Styles, Creating Dimension Styles, Creating Multileader Styles. 

21. Advanced Layouts

Quick View Layouts, Creating and Using Named Views, Advanced Viewport Options, Layer Overrides in Viewports, Additional Annotative Scale Features. 

22. External References

Attaching External References, Modifying External References, XRef Specific Information