Product Design Course in Patna for Mechanical Engineers

Product Design Course in Patna for Mechanical Engineers

Posted 10/2/2018

What is Product Design?

Many mechanical engineers work in product design, although their title is perhaps 'product designer' or 'product engineer'. However, the nature of their job is to combine their knowledge of engineering and design to create functional and marketable products.

Product Design Course for Mechanical Engineers

This course is focused on the product design space and will help students design engineering ideas, transform their ideas into CAD models, using best industry practices, validating their models using CAE tools and design for manufacturing. Thus it takes the participants through the entire lifecycle of the product from conception to execution.


It is a course open for mechanical engineering professionals and students of degree or master courses.


What is a product design Engineer Roles?

As a member of a fast-paced multi-disciplinary team, you use your creativity and diverse range of engineering experience to explore solutions to a variety of engineering problemsAs a mechanical engineer, you participate in the design, analysis, and prototyping of new concepts. You work in a manufacturing and product oriented development environment and collaborate with vendors and outside sources in order to see parts through to manufacture.

As a Product Design Engineer you will help to reinvent the shape of electronics: balancing comfort, performance, and appearance. You will work on a team that balances these in an innovative and harmonious design that complements and enables the technology. You are comfortable working on the borders of risk, actively communicating among a team to establish a design direction, creating prototypes that demonstrate it, and working to scale that prototype.

Key Responsibilities of a Product Design Engineer

  • Manage the subsystem and/or individual part designs from concept to production.
  • Oversee supplier/partners of subsystems and/or individual part design from concept to production.
  • Investigate because design issues to improve designs with the goal of successfully deliver products to mass production.
  • Design for function, reliability, human factors, manufacturability, and cosmetic requirements.